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Posted on 13th March 2019


What makes us an expert and why does that matter?

Personally, I’ve been a broker for 28 years and I’ve owned and run Aspire Insurance for 12 of those. We can genuinely refer to ourselves as specialists in Commercial and Business Insurance (depending on how you phrase it!). That’s all well and good but what does it mean? And what benefit is that to our clients?

For a start, cost. Put simply, as we look after so many similar types of policy every month, we very quickly know which insurers are increasing their rates and which are particularly competitive.

Which brings us to renewing, our renewal retention runs in the high 90%’s so we don’t just search to win clients, we do it year after year. Cost is important absolutely, but it’s more important that your policy responds when you expect it to. Clients often have an idea of what cover they want; however, they often don’t know what other types of other cover are available. We explain to them in plain English and in person what these are and put a cost to these so they can decide if it’s cost effective.

If an incident does occur, we have dedicated claims staff who do nothing but commercial claims on behalf of our clients. Chasing progress with insurers and advising clients of things that can speed the settlement of the claim (worth their weight in gold and often the unsung heroes). Finally, administration, sounds dull but many of our calls are things like clients needing lease companies’ forms completing, or sub-contractor questionnaires they need help with, along with a multitude of other changes in cover. Again, because these are a daily occurrence, we understand the importance of someone taking ownership, taking swift action to make the changes and keeping our clients up to date with progress. It all sounds simple but it’s these basic tasks repeated daily give us the experience so we can claim to be experts.

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