Trying to Keep Us Unique


Let's Keep it Unique

Posted on 9th November 2018


It’s always a challenge to find new ways of keeping your service unique. In the early days we had no (or very few) forms, then we moved on to electronic documentation. Before long everyone is doing it and what made you unique is diluted. Of course, we would say that our personal service and expertise makes us stand out, however if everyone says that then that hardly makes us unique. Also, its hard to demonstrate that until people become clients.

So, we’ve invested in some software that will give all our clients access to a huge online document suite. Useful document templates like Environmental policies, Lone worker policies, driver handbooks. Toolkits like flood protection and disaster recovery advice or recently GDPR and Cyber toolkits. This really is a comprehensive online resource that can also be quite trade / industry specific.

Used properly and embraced this really is a valuable addition to our service offering. It was a hard decision as to if we were going to charge for this facility as there were costs associated with putting it in place. We’ve decided that this will be FREE, and we will absorb that cost. The hope is that this is such a valuable addition that our clients will recommend us to their customers, suppliers and business contacts.

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