Flooding Hints & Tips


A Few Handy Tips On Flooding

Posted on 13th February 2017


Winter is here, and the cold changing weather means insurers gear up to deal with increased claims. What can you do to prevent or minimise the effects?

Let's start with flooding. Last year saw extensive flooding affecting homes and businesses across the UK. What can you do if you are concerned about flooding, how can you prevent or minimise losses, and what can you do should it happen.

If you are concerned..
You can check with the Environment Agency who can advise if you are in an area prone to flooding, also on the latest flood information in your area. Gather all your insurance details including the out of hours contact details for insurers, together with emergency contacts for staff, customers and suppliers should you require to notify them. Place this in a waterproof wallet. Make a pack if you feel you are at risk of being stranded in the workplace, torch, phone charger, warm clothing. You can install measure to protect property, lots of information can be found at The National Flood Forum.

Preventing or minimising..
What can you do when you feel flooding is inevitable? Keep safe, your own safety is most important. The safety of those around you. You may have to plan for children, elderly or disabled. Check with neighbours; consider how to look after pets. To minimise damage can you safely move more expensive, electrical or sentimental items upstairs or higher in the property. If there is time, move your home or fleet vehicles safely to higher ground. Turn off gas and electricity supplies & water supplies before you leave a property.

What if you are flooded..
Call your insurers as soon as you are able to do safely do so. Most have emergency and out of hours numbers they can talk you through what to do next. Be careful when returning to a property, it may be damaged or have hidden dangers, especially if there is still flood water in it. Do not drink the water or use the gas or electricity until you have been advised by an expert that it is safe to do so. Take pictures of the damage to property. Remember it can take weeks to dry out a property following a flood, your insurers may find you alternative accommodation check your policy for this cover.

This really is a very brief overview, for further information please feel free to Contact Us